The Farewell!

“You get married to a tree!”, joked my colleague searching for a tree’s picture he had clicked. My thoughts drifted way back to my relationship days, when I pictured myself to  being a tree’s girlfriend (Palm tree). I reminisced those days of my life, but quickly let go the past memories. After all I was at work.

During the customary evening strolls along the gulmohar clad lanes near office, I checked my messages and found a rather disturbing message in a college WhatsApp group. It read ” He got admits from University of Berlin and is leaving to Germany tomorrow”. I read, re-read  the message. It did not sink in. I perfectly knew my ex-boyfriend was going to Germany way before our relationship had started in October 2015. I thought I could make it work, despite the distance. He had warned me about the “Casual” clause attached to my relationship. I accepted, without second thoughts. And there I sat,  between the trees trying to figure out what could have possibly happened.

My fingers reached out to dial his number, he did not receive my call. Luckily a college friend texted confirming his departure was due today. I sent him a message (The sanest thing ever) , wishing him good luck for his endeavors. My heart pined to see him once before he left for a far-away land. My heart ordered me to follow him. I made futile efforts to apply to the same university as him for one semester later. I realized the due date was in three days and there was no way to send across my documents as well as write my letter of motivation. Even if I tried, I would have blindly written :

Letter of Motivation

To find him and re-write my love story..

I called him to wish him luck, to listen to his voice. He rejected my call. My brain set a one on ego button. I stopped calling him. I deleted his number from my mobile account, though I know it will forever remain etched in my heart. My ingenuous heart still believes my story has not ended. I have still not bade my final goodbye. Yet, for now  I want to tell him “realize your dreams, soar high! Take me under your wing, maybe..”