Life : The plethora of surprises

Depression is taking a toll on our lives. The once not so common medical condition is posing a threat of an epidemic. Who is to blame? Who knew depression and anxiety would be so pervasive that the number of psychologists required would suddenly boom? Are we failing to find reasons? Or are we turning a blind eye?Letting-Go-of-the-Thoughts-That-Cause-Depression-722x406
Depression is not necessarily a medical condition. It is the strong negative feeling we anchor to and subject our heart to tremulous conditions. The causes of depression in today’s life are simple things like a failure in academics or breakups. Are we addressing these issues? The answer is no. Everybody today wants to run a non-existent race to reach on top. We compete against faceless people. Education has become a game of numbers. A fifteen-year-old is having a failed relationship. People working in MNCs are prone to suicide only because they are unhappy. What are we trying to achieve by losing our mind? An appraisal which is not precious, a guy/girl whom we are not compatible with but bear only because we are too comfortable, marks which are a symbol of pride to boast about to neighbors and relatives; who by the way don’t really care.
I just want to say it is ok. It is ok to retract from a path you took. It is ok to not do what others are doing. There are a gazillion career paths. A construction worker as well a company’s CEO get paid with currency. Maybe you saw a light at the end of your tunnel and the light you saw was nothing but a bunch of fireflies doing their dance. This does not call for suicide or depression and anxiety. This rather indicates that you were brave enough to tread that path and you have the tenacity to find the right tunnel.
Just do not give up. Life is awesome. It has surprises wrapped in fragrant as well as sordid wrappers. Do not be so gullible to judge the surprise by its wrapper. Spread smiles around you. Make people want to come to you and make a conversation.  Expect nothing. Enhance your skillset. The universe does not owe you anything. It is definitely not conspiring a way to make you get what you want. Get real. When someone refuses to buy you an Apple iPhone settle for an apple. It’s equally worth it 🙂


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